Sourcing Agent Based on Shenzhen China

Sourcing Agent

Source direct manufacturers to get the best pricing for you.

Purchasing Agent

Purchase for you through a direct factory in China. Help you solve order details, pay the supplier who needs RMB, not USD.

Inspection Agency

Visit factory and perform a professional inspection near Shenzhen.

Shipping Agent

Help you solve all kind of logistics problem.

Shenzhen Sourcing Agent

I help you solve all problems in Shenzhen. Shenzhen is a city of dreams. Check this video recorded by me to unveil a different Shenzhen.

Sourcing Agent Process

From sourcing manufacturers to ship products to your door.

Source Direct Factory in Shenzhen and ChinaSupplier Audit by Chicksourcing


I will find you the direct Chinese Manufacturer or Supplier for your business. We will study the background of suppliers. Make sure they are legitimate.

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Solve Your Purchase Headaches in ChinaPurchase agent standard process by ChickSourcing


I will talk all of your detailed requirement to the Chinese supplier(s) before your ordering. It could cover information regarding all technical specifications, engineering problems, quality standard, payment terms. It could involve different stages of sourcing: find a new source, arrange a sample or a prototype, keep track on the order progress, arrange a quality control, etc. We will sign an Anti-corruption agreement with suppliers for formal orders.
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Visit Factories and Do On-site InspectionInspection service in Shenzhen by Chicksourcing


For inspection, I will visit factory to perform an inspection before shipping. It will be based on a AQL sampling plan. Inspection covers these parts: count quantity, check workmanship, check specifications, check all markings. The report will be in PDF and a brief video report instead of only PDF report from an original inspection company. 
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Solve Shipping or Logistics in ChinaShipping arrangement service by sourcing agent ChickSourcing in Shenzhen


We can arrange the DHL air express using discount account, air shipping and sea shipping. Or handling the dropshipping and fullfillment in China. And the bundle shipping service will help you collect samples from different suppliers.
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Can You Source Any Product in China?

The Products We Have Sourced

Basically, we can find the source of any product if it exists in China. As a sourcing agent, we have sourced the manufactures of consumer electronics, beauty products, hardware, watches, toys, glasses, clothes. Or real suppliers of package product, printings, medical products, shoes, shoe making machines, silicone mould. And factories of CNC metal product, floor tiles, fitness product, and more…

The Products We May Feel Difficult to Source

We do have some products that we cannot find based on limited knowledge, cost or time. But we always do our best to find the best manufacturer with the best price. 

What Product Are You Looking For?

How a Special Sourcing Agent You Are?


Transparency Sourcing

We will sign anti-corruption
agreement for all serious suppliers.


One Stop Sourcing

We offer one stop sourcing
services. All services are in-house
with good quality.


Sourcing Video Report

We will report to you in a video
report. You will receive the key
information super fast through


Purchase Accuracy

We will check all of the
information we got to make sure it
is accurate and complete.


Inspection Solution

We will provide customized
inspection solution for your special


Chinese Translation

We will provide full translation
service. No matter for a product
specification doc or a meeting

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