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When everything is in transparent, you receive RESPECT, HONEST and maximum profit.

Are you a trusted China sourcing agent?

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Trusted China Sourcing Agent on Fiverr

I am Jesse Yang and a professional sourcing agent for Shenzhen. Currently, I am using the Fiverr platform to recruit new customers, mainly for the import of goods from China. So far, my appearance on Fiverr had great success. Within only 2 years, I was able to gain 170 reviews, scoring an overall rate of 4.9 points. Fiverr, however, is only the latest endeavor on my professional journey. I had great success working as a China sourcing agent for an Australia company for 3 years. Before that, I spent 8 years working as a salesman for a China export business.







An “Ambassador of Shenzhen”

To give you a better idea about what my role as an “Ambassador of Shenzhen” encompasses, I have created the video below. Besides that, it will give you an overview of the city of Shenzhen. Most people know Shenzhen as the electronics manufacturing center of China. The Huaqiangbei and Sege electronics market helps in finding the latest products in the electronics sector. This market has its thumb on the pulse of time, which makes it easy to recognize worldwide trends.

What shall I receive if you are my sourcing agent?

Direct Contact

We are not a trading company. You will finally talk with the factory directly.

Secure Transactions

You will receive refund if the shipment is lost.

Quality Products

Through supplier verification, sample check & inspection, you will have a winning product.

The Best Price in China

In the premium package of sourcing service, you will receive the best prices in China.

What kind of services you provide as a China sourcing agent?

sourcing service that is offered at Chicksourcing.com

Finding a factory

For a fee of $25 to $125, I will find you the top suppliers in China.

purchasing service that help clients importing from China.

Purchasing for you

For a fee of 5%, I will represent you to talk to the factory.

quality control service that is to visit China factory before shipping

Quality Control

For a fee of $149, I will handle pre-shipping inspection in Shenzhen.

a service that to collect samples from different factories and then repacked and send to clients.

Shipping Arrangement

I will help you to arrange different shipping to your door.

Transparency is a key philosophy here when we handling things with Chinese factories. Nothing is hide. Quick and easy.

Transparency is Our Life

-There is no business under the table.
-We work for you, not for the supplier.
-We always stay with you if there is any possible conflict.

Having some questions regarding my role as an agent?

What if?

-If the price you found is not the best
If it is true, I will refund you.

-If the supplier you recommend not respond
Talk to me. I will help you connected.

-If there is a chance that I will never receive my shipment?
If it is me purchased for you. You will receive refund.

-If my shipment is not the same as described?
Talk to me how different it is. And we talk about compensations or other solutions.

Do you accept a discount or referral fees from the factory?

Never. I always sign anti-corruption agreement with the factory for bulk orders.

What products can you find?

As a matter of fact, I cannot find any products. Please talk to me before you make the order. I have sourced and have some knowledge of these products: consumer electronics, beauty products, hardware, watches, toys, glasses, package products, printings, some medical products, shoe making machines, silicone mould, CNC metal product, floor tiles, fitness product, and more…
Talk to me now.

Are you able to check Chinese companys if they are trustworthy?

Generally yes.
This is how I check it. It can be online check or visit them.

Do you recommend good products to sell?

Sorry, I don’t recommend a product. For most of the ideas come from my clients. Such information is confidential.

We’re Obsessed with Your Privacy

-All your information is confidential. It will not be disclosed to an unrelated third party.
-NDA can be signed as requested after the sourcing order is confirmed.
-Your current supplier will not know you are searching for new ones. Otherwise, you will be asked difficult questions.

Keep our clients' information secrect from different Chinese factories when we are doing sourcing.

Ready to hire me as your China sourcing agent?

-Yes. I am good to start .
-I still have some questions. I want to talk to you .