Frequently asked questions

Product Sourcing Questions

Never. I will sign anti-corruption agreement with the factory for bulk orders.

I don't work on fake brand or some difficult unique products. For customized product, please talk to me. I cannot locate a manufacturer for a specific brand either.

The main products I have been working with are the products around Shenzhen area, for example, different electronics, mechanic products, engineering products, car accessories, plastic mold, watches, etc.
I also work with small daily use products that around the Zhejiang area, for example, vacuum bags, shoe making materials, T-shirt making, fur making, fireplace products, some kiten products like the grinder, different knives, and etc.

Sorry, I don’t recommend a product. For most of the ideas come from my clients. Such information is confidential.

For a basic package, I mainly use Alibaba. For a standard package, I will add Made-in-China, Globalsources, and Google. For a premium package, I will add 1688, and Baidu. I can also visit local shops or trading shows for an extra cost.

I will only offer a discount if it is a charity project. For example, you have a project to support the people in Ukraine.

In premium package, I can promise that it is the best price in China. If it is not, I will refund you.

Talk to me. I will help you connected.

As sourcing is a serious job, there are a lot of details to check. Please talk to me first.

Product Purchasing Questions

I charge 5% ($50 minimum) of the purchase contract. Shipping cost is not included. There will be extra financial fees.

For PayPal fee is 4.4%, and I have extra fees (around 1.2%) to exchange USD to RMB.
For orders over $1000, we suggest different ways other than PayPal.

Accept ACH if you are from the US.
Accept GBP if you are from the UK.
Accept Euro if you are from EU countries.
The total fee of the above is 1.2%. It takes 3 business days to arrive.

Of course. This is a preferred way.
You can use transferwise to send in CNY to supplier's owner's personal bank account.
I can help you get through in the first order.

Talk to me how different it is. We can find out whoes fault it is first.
If it is supplier's fault, I will argue with factory.
If it is my fault, I will pay for my fault.

If it is me purchased for you. You will receive refund.

Quality Control Questions

I can travel to cities close to Shenzhen. Extra travelling expense will be applied.
To cities that is far away, for example near Shanghai or Hangzhou, I can try to find whether a local guy is possible.

It costs $149 excluding the traveling expense. I am based in Shenzhen.

Basically, I will send you the report the same day I do the inspection.
If it is difficult to send at the same day, I will send you a quick brief first.

You can download the sample inspection report here.

Yes. I can test a sample under an overhead camera if it is possible.

After I receive the sample with your instructions, you will receive the report in 3 days.

Other Questions

Generally yes.
It can be done online or visit them. For more information, please use this link of supplier verification.

Fiverr is the preferred way. It gives you more protection.