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Collect Supplier's Basic Information

Before I visit the factory, I will talk to the supplier and get their basic information.

The basic information will cover the followings: the year they establish, their factory address, office address, their staffs.
And also their equipment and factory photos.
I will the form in the right to collect the information. 

Visit the Factory

Visit the factory and check the information in following 7 steps. 
1. The overview of the factory or their office.
2. Verify whether their information on the form is correct.
3. Check their IPQC to see how they control their raw materials.
4. Check their production line to see how they produce the product.
5. Check their QC to see how they control the quality.
6. Check their warehouse to see how they organize all of the materials.
7. Will take a photo together with their people if it is possible. 

Present the report in a video

Video sample is here


Frequently Asked Questions

What do you check when you visit a factory?

I will check their basic information, their raw material, the production line, their QC positions, their warehouse, and their people. For detail, you can read this post.

How do you verify a supplier?

It could be different if I contact them or not. You can read this post for more details.