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-Alibaba is one of the sites I use.
-I cannot find any product. Make sure you have talked to me before ordering.
-I will not visit the factories. All of this research is done online.
-If you are not 100% satisfied, you will receive a refund.

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How I do the sourcing?

Source the Reliable Manufacturerssourcing agent use ways to find manufacturers in Chicksourcing

First, based on the studying of the products. I will get the right keywords and use different online platforms, for example, Alibaba, Made-in-China, 1688, etc.
If cannot find the right contacts online, I could go to the local market to find more options. There are a lot of professional local markets in Shenzhen China. For example, the SEG (or Hua Qiang Bei) electronics market, or the leather center in Shiling, Guangzhou.

If the above two ways fail, I could visit a trading show to find more possible suppliers. This is not common ways. Additional fees could be applied.

First Sourcing VentingSupplier venting in Sourcing agent Chicksourcing

After we have talked with all the potential suppliers, we will do a first step venting. This venting will be based on Product Quality, Target Price, MOQ. After this step, normally less than 1/3 suppliers will stay.

Second Sourcing VentingSecond manufacturer venting in sourcing agent chicksourcing

After we have got some suppliers who have the products meet in our target, we need to study the supplier’s background to make sure they are legitimate. With a specially designed audit form, we will make sure the suppliers will not lie to us and provide accurate information.

Sourcing Price Comparisoncompare price from suppliers in sourcing agent chicksourcing

After the two steps venting, we will get the most reliable suppliers for our project. We will do a price comparison based on pricing, different specifications, communication skills, factory background, quality standard. We will pick up the best options and provide a suggestion for future discussion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you find any product?

I don’t work on fake brand or unique products. For customized product, please talk to me.

I cannot locate a manufacturer for a specific brand.

Can you find the cheapest price?

Whenever you need the cheapest product, this is not your gig.

Which sites are you using for sourcing?

For a basic package, I mainly use Alibaba. For a standard package, I will add Made-in-China, Globalsources, and Google. For a premium package, I will add 1688, and Baidu. I can also visit local shops or trading shows for an extra cost.

Do you have other services?

Yes. I provide also

  1. The purchasing service
    which will help you buy from a Chinese speaking supplier. Link
  2. The quality control service
    which will help you test a sample and do a pre-shipping inspection in the factory near Shenzhen. Link
  3. Shipping arrangement service
    which will help to bundle samples in one package, send you express at a discount rate, or arrange a air shipment or a sea shipment. Link

Will you offer a discount?

I will only offer a discount if it is a charity project.

What is your refund policy?

As long as I finished the sourcing, you can get 50% refund as we agreed if you are not happy. If you contacted the suppliers I sent you, you will not get a refund.

How can we start the sourcing?

As sourcing is a serious job, please talk to me first to avoid the order being canceled.