Purchasing Service

Talking to a Chinese speaking supplier?

Why not using an expert like us?

For a fee of 5%($50 minimum), you receive

1 Translation


You receive a translation that cover all order details. No need to worry your words are not heard.

2 Negotiation


You will receive the best possible deal. No need to worry your product cannot compete.

3 Sample

Golden Sample

You receive the perfect sample before you decide on mass production.


Your Logo Printed

You receive products with YOUR logo printed on the product, the box, the software, etc.

5 Pay

Your supplier gets paid

Your supplier will receive CNY cash from us.

6 Production

Production Update

You receive all production update before you even ask a word.

7 Emergency

Emergency Solution

You will receive a solution or advice if any emergency happens. For example, the quality has a problem.

8 Shipping

Shipping Arrangement

You receive the goods to your house through airs hipping or sea shipping. No need to worry about any documents.

How do we purchase for you?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay you(the supplier)?

You can pay me through PayPal, Payoneer or Direct pay through the bank account.

You need to understand the fees for each channel.

  • PayPal
    The total fee is 5.6%. The payment is instant to my PayPal account. It will take another 3 business day for me to withdraw it from USD to RMB.
  • Payoneer
    If you have Payoneer balance, the total fee is 2%; If you don’t have Payoneer balance but you can use eCheck from the US, the total fee is 3%.
    For how to send the payment through Payoneer, check this post.
  • Bank Account
    For the payment over $1000, you can send to my bank account directly. The fee is around $20. It will take 5 business days.
    DO NOT write the real purpose of this money when you make the transfer. Otherwise, the Chinese government will stop it and ask for a very high tax rate.

What does the pay supplier service mean?

Suppliers need to get paid for their order. As they cannot receive USD or they don’t have PayPal, you could need my help to pay them.

How will arrange the shipping for FBA?

The FBA labeling will be done at the factory, not in the warehouse.

After we got the weight and dimensions, I can check through my shipping agent for the cost of different channels, express, air shipping or sea shipping for you to compare.

If you are good with the cost, I will arrange everything for you. You will receive the goods at your Amazon FBA warehouse.