how to pay a Chinese factory through Payoneer

How to pay a Chinese supplier through Payoneer

23 Nov

Some of the time, you may need me to pay the Chinese supplier. You can use Payoneer to pay me first, and then I will withdraw USD to RMB.

How to pay me through Payoneer?

If you have Payoneer balance(Total fee is 2%)

You can pay me directly using Payoneer "Make a Payment" service.
make a payment in Payoneer.
You will need my email for this payment. Please ask me.

How much are the fees?

To send me the US dollars, the fees are free for you. But Payoneer will still charge 2% to withdraw from USD to RMB in my bank account.
fees in Payoneer when withdraw to your local bank

How long will it take?

It will take several hours until I receive the USD in my account. And it will still take 2 business days to withdraw to RMB.

If you don't have Payoneer balance(Total fee is 3% to 5%)

I will send you a request payment. For that reason, I will need the information from you first.

How to pay?

1. Pay as an individual
pay Payoneer as an individual
2. pay as a company NOTE: To pay as a company, all of the following fields are required. For example, you need a company website.
pay Payoneer as a company

How much are the fees?

There are two parts of the fees.
  1. When you send me $100 in this case, it will arrive in my Payoneer $97(3% for all countries, 1% for the US)
    the fees in Payoneer when receiving money
  2. Payoneer will charge me 2% to withdraw USD to my RMB bank account. So now I only receive $95
If you want me to pay supplier via Payoneer with Credit Card or eCheck, the fees are 3% for US and 5% for all of the other countries without eCheck.

How long will it take?

  1. After you paid the invoice, it will take 2 work days to arrive in my bank account.
  2. After it arrives in my Payoneer account, it will 2 work days to exchange from USD to RMB.
P.S. For a new Payoneer account with the first payment, it may take several days that Payoneer will prove your account and this payment transaction.