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7 Steps to Check a Real Chinese Factory

23 Nov

Finding the right supplier on the internet is always difficult. Even if you have got a bunch of supplier information, you don’t know which ones are real.

The Audit Paper

Before we decide to visit a factory, we will need an audit paper. This paper has a lot of information. We can understand the background of the factory. It will save us a lot of time. For example when the factory started and whether the company and the factory is the same owner. How many staffs they have? How many testing equipment they have? Do they have a quality control standard? Check the video for more.

Factory Overview

When we visit the factory, first we need to check is whether they have a company logo in their company. What is their registration paper? Is their office clean or not? How many people work there? For detail, you can check the video for more.

Raw Material Control

The raw material quality will affect the final quality very much. Not matter it is the outside case or the inner parts. This will also save the time for the factory if the raw material will easily break down during assembly. Check the video to understand how they check raw materials.


First thing you need to understand is how the product is made. As different factories have different procedure, it is important to understand how they make it and how the quality will be. Next you need to check what kind of equipments they have. This is the factories capability to fullfill your order, not outsourcing to someone else.

Quality Control

First thing you need to understand is how to check the quality of the product. Normally the head of the factory's QC has the ability and they will tell you. Next you need to check how they do testings and how many testing equipments they have. And are these equipments in use or not? Check the video for more.

The Warehouse

Warehouse is very important. You will see whether it is organized or messed up. Different factory has different ways to control warehouse. Most warehouse uses first in first out policy. And some of the factories they do not keep stocks. If the warehouse is messed up, please pay attension that it means they cannot organise the materials well. So when you check your delivery date, they will always tell you late late. Visit the factory and ask how you manage the warehouse.

The People

We always need good people to work with. Someone who is real and not cheat you. Then the the business is reliable. You are not afraid that someone is doing something at your back. Conclusions You really need to visit the factory before you start business with them. If you are really busy, you can hire someone to visit for you. We offer such service. Contact us now.