Top 10 cheap inspection companies in China

Chinese Inspection Quality Assurance

Top 10 cheap inspection companies in China

You have an Amazon store with some niche products. But the profit of the product is very limited. You want to give your clients the best product quality, while you don’t want to spend too much money on the quality control.
In this article, you will receive top 20 inspection company or agent with the cost under $200 with upside and downsides.
Before we go with that. We need some basic knowledge.

Do you know how to control the quality?

China Inpsection Question

Most of the people will think to control the quality is just to check the product. It is better one by one. It is fine that you have 100 products. But if you have one thousand or ten thousand products to be shipped. To check the product one by one will take too much time and it is not efficient for modern industry. We use scientific ways to control the quality. You need to understand the AQL quality standard and the sampling plan standard.

Quality Standard

AQL level means Acceptable quality limit. Wikipedia Link.
For example, you may saw some company say their quality standard is AQL 0, 2.5, 4.0
It means it will allow 0 critical defectives, 2.5 major defectives, and 4 minor defectives.
What is a critical, major and minor defective? Original article Link.

  1. A Critical Defect
    is one that is deemed to be hazardous or unsafe.
    For example, a sharp point that may hurt you. Or the product is not manufactured correctly, it will hurt the user or someone.
  2. A Major Defect
    Is a function problem failure. For example, the phone cannot turn on. It will against the function of a phone.  Other examples
    -Holes and scratches

    “They are common issues to deal with. Most suppliers in Asia have the mentality that these defects can be expected and are not serious. However, for the average importer, these defects could impede the products from being sold.”
    -Size/Weight Discrepancies

    Also common is for measurements to be off, sometimes by millimeters, other times even by inches. It is important to ensure that your inspector has knowledge to use proper measurement devices to ensure the most accurate measurement.
  3. A minor defect
    is a discrepancy from the standards, but it will not very likely to affect the function of a product.
    For example, poor sewing

    Untrimmed or long threads are the most common defects on textile inspection. These are basically minor defect, but it will still be a problem with the end user. So your textile products need to check these problems very seriously.

Sampling Plan

MIL-STD-105 is a common international sampling plan, although different countries will have their own standard. Here is the sampling chart

Don’t be overwhelming right now. I will explain some basic idea for you.
Batch size: how many products you want to ship?
Level normally used II: This is the quality standard we normally use. We will get a sample size code letter.
Sample Size: We will know the number of the sample size.
AQL(Master table): we check each line for our major and minor defectives. Next section, I will explain how to use it in a video.

How to use the quality standard and sampling plan?

Inspection companies below $150

In this list, you won’t see companies with cost over $150, as we focus on your small business.

What do you need to know when selecting an inspection company or agent?

  1. Location
    China is a very big country. You need to find someone local or inspection companies have offices all over China. For example, you are hiring someone in Shenzhen to inspect backpack product in Hebei. It is 1, 200 miles (2, 000Km) away. The traveling cost is very expensive. And it could take very long time to travel.

    P.S. Most inspection company will have a network cover the whole China.
  2. How is it normally charged?
    Normally it is based on one man per day. So the product complexity will not affect the cost. The cost to check the batch of 100 and 1000 could be the same if the inspector can finish the job in one day.

The inspection company list

This list does not separate the inspection companies based on the different region of China. Most of them use what they call network that can serve all over China. But you still need to double check with them whether they can perform the inspection in the city you want. All of the cost I have confirmed with them. They may change their policy without notifying me. Hope this information will be useful for you.

NumberLogoNameCostHead OfficeRemarks
3$119ShenzhenIt is a platform work with freelancers

Finally, we also provide inspection service. As I am based in Shenzhen, if you need me to inspect in other cities there will be traveling expense. So I put myself at number 10 of this list.
My cost is $95. You can check this page for detail.

If you also know other good sources with cost under $150, please let me know. Or you have had experience with the companies listed above, you can leave your comment.
Thank you!

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