How do you check a supplier’s background in China?

China supplier background check by Chicksourcing

How do you check a supplier’s background in China?

When you want to start your business in China with some supplier, you could need to study their background to make sure the business is safe, as well if ou are going to star a new business can be important that you consider use a paystub here you can check the pros of using the paystub creator.
This post explains how I check the supplier’s background before I visit them.
I offer such service based on different conditions. If you want me to contact them and get information, or just find information on the Internet.

If I contact the supplier

I will send them a supplier’s audit form which is specially designed by myself. This form is easy to fill for suppliers and tells very key information whether they are truly a manufacturer and what the factory looks like. And the question you could have is that how do you know the factory is telling the truth on the form. Well, I have a little trick that factory will choose to speak the truth instead of lies. This is the form you will receive. I will teach how to read the information on the form. Here is an example.

From the form you receive, you will have the answer to these questions:
Are they a real manufacturer?
How does their factory look like?
Are they good at controlling their quality?

P.S. In this case, you will need to tell the supplier that you have some agent in China to check their background.

If I don’t contact the supplier

I will search the supplier’s background online. Nowadays everyone has a trace on the Internet. My search will mainly cover the following:

  • History
    When did they start their business?
  • Products:
    What products are they selling now? Are they professional in their products? Could they be a trader or a real manufacturer?
  • Factory photos
    Have they ever posted their factory photos online? Are these photos true, or fake through photoshop?
  • Trade show activity
    Do they have any trade show activity? This will prove they have a real business.
  • A Chinese name
    Do they have a Chinese registration name? With their Chinese name, I can find their information on Chinese government website.

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