How can I find hot electronics that I can resell in US?

how can i find hot electronics that i can resell in us

How can I find hot electronics that I can resell in US?

Before I give you answer to this question. You need to think carefully what kind of products you are interested and how you want to sell. If you don’t have clear answer and you don’t have much money to spend on product stock, then you can study my suggestions.
Nowadays a lot of Chinese suppliers provide droppshiping service. What is dropshipping? Generally it means you don’t need to have a warehouse, or you don’t even need to see the product. The product goes directly from the Chinese supplier to your end clients. Let’s find out how you can make this happen. So today we talk about how you can resell electronics on your website, you can also take advantage and check this website for more android mods games.

Step 1 The shop

You need a ecommerce website that your buyers can make orders to you. It does not cost much. So now you have a shop make sales. Your shop could look something like this

ecommerce website

Step 2 The Chinese Wholesaler

You need to find all of these Chinese suppliers with dropshiping service, and check the price and profit you will make. Study the products on these websites and check their price policies as they will have different level of members with different discount. So now you have the products. To check full list of Chinese dropshipment providers, go to the conclusion part.


Step 3 Upload Your Own Products

How can you upload the products from the wholesalers to your website?
Well there are a very easy way that you can upload a bounch of products at a time. It is called data feed. It is very important for a professional wholesalers. You can ask for data feed from the wholesalers. After you got the data feed, you can set the prices and shipping cost by your own.
So now your website could probabably looks like this. Much better!

Dropshop datafeed

Step 4 How to Make Order?

When an end user makes order to you, how can get him(or her) the product?
After you get paid for the order, you will place another order directly on the Chinese wholesaler’s website. And you need to specify that you need dropshipping service. It is very important. Then your package will be neutral without anything showing it is from this Chinese wholesaler. They will send directly to your end user. And you can collect the tracking number and put it into your own website, so the end user knows their product has been shipped.

Dropship order

Step 5 Get the Money

Your customer gets the product and you get the money. During the whole process, you don’t need to see the product or invest anything.
This whole process will make you money. The key is to select a good wholesaler with reasonalbe profit. And you need to promote your website to get more customers.
Cheers! Good luck!


China drop shipment providers
1. Alexa Ranking: 1,325
2. Alexa Ranking: 27,473
2. Alexa Ranking: 6,391
3. Alexa Ranking: 8,554
4. Alexa Ranking: 50,680
Will add more to this list.

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