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Sourcing Service



You will receive

Silver* - $ 15

Receive 1-3 direct contact(s)

*Only available on Fiverr.

Gold- $ 50

Receive 1-3 direct contact(s), price list, plus a video report

Platinum- $ 100


Buying Service



You will receive

Silver* - $ 50

Make order to 1 supplier

*Based on 2-5% of order value. $50 is minimum

(Value below $1000, $50

Value between $1000 to $4999: 5%

Value between $5000 to $9999: 4%

Value between $10, 000 to $29, 999: 3%

Value over $30, 000: 2%)


Gold- $ 70

Make order and pay them

**Can pay the supplier instantly after money arrives in PayPal.


Platinum- $ 100


Make order, pay supplier and arrange shipping


Quality Control



You will receive

Sample Evaluation - $ 60

Test one sample under an overhead camera

*Need clear instructions how to test the sample. Any shipping cost is not included.


Inspection- $ 150

Visit a factory near Shenzhen area and perform  before-shipping inspection at factory


**Any traveling fees across cities is not included.


Shipping Arrangement



You will receive

Express Shipping - $ 20

Send 1 package with discount express (like DHL)

One package with discount express*

FBA Air Shipping - $ 40

Arrange 1 shipment of air/sea shipping

Bill of lading**

Relevant shipping document

**Or a cargo receipt, depedning on your trade terms.


Bundle Shipping - $ 60


I receive 4 samples and send to you in 1 package


Receive 4 samples***

Bundle in 1 package

***4 samples from different suppliers. An extra sample costs $15 more. No shipping cost is included.




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