Service FAQ

I don't work on fake brand or unique products. I don't work either if you need a cheaper price or a better quality product. For customized product, please talk to me.
As long as I finished the sourcing, you can get 50% refund as we agreed. If you contacted the suppliers I sent you, you will not get a refund.
Basically, there are two fees for each way. The receiving fee and withdraw fee. I will cover the withdraw fee, while you cover the receiving fee. If you want me to pay supplier, you need to cover both 2 fees.
  • PayPal
    a) Receiving fees, 5%
b) Withdraw fees, 1%
  • Payoneer
For US client only, because Payoneer offers a different rate of USD and other currencies.
    a) Receiving fees 1%.(Other countries: 3%
b) Withdraw fees 2%
    Please note that this money is not instant. It takes about 5days to get approved.
  • Bank Account
You can pay through my Chinese Bank Account for the amount over $1000.
    a) Receiving fee is around $20
    b) Withdraw fee is 0.
DO NOT write the real purpose of this money when you make the transfer. Otherwise, the Chinese government will stop it and ask for a very high tax rate. It is the same when you pay a Chinese supplier. Most of the time, you will pay a Chinese private account, not a company bank account.
I will only offer a discount if it is a charity project. For example, this is one of the charity projects.
Yes. Sure. I would love to. If you want to know more about Shenzhen, check this video I recorded.

If you want to know all available services and cost, please click this pricing page.

If you have other questions, please contact me. Thank you!



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