There are reliable agents from China or Hong Kong that can help you find the right manufacturers for companies in China at a low cost. But finding your chances on the trustworthy agent is one in a hundred. The other 99% are attracted by the huge amounts involved in foreign trade, and seek a quick profit.

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Bad habits from the 99%

  1. They are too disorganized and sometimes very lazy- to follow a target process where potential suppliers identified, and then selected and personally visited and carefully examined.
  2. If they have personal contacts that knows someone or who knows a manufacturer of the product you are looking for, This is the way they take them. If their uncle can provide, he will automatically have a chance. With 99% of the China agents, you can forget about the selection based on skills.
  3. They seem to be very hardworking and honest, but in most cases, they get 5% or 10% of the factory. This commission will be hiding over what you pay for. Of course, a factory who is willing to pay 10%, will be more attractive to a factory who is willing to pay 5% or nothing at all. That is, they are more likely to recommend the facility by 10% for you. So how do you know that the facility was really the best for your business needs?
  4. As a result of the above, they will be inclined to defend the manufacturer rather than your business if things go wrong, and things go wrong at a time or another.
  5. They will rarely take the pain to check for samples and product quality. And even if they do it and notice some problems, they will probably not say. Remember, a Chinese agent you will not be closely followed, have more than one boss.

How we Chicksourcing avoide these problems?

  1. We will sign an Anti-Corruption Agreement with the supplier before the purchase order. No hidden commissions. Every supplier will be treated equally.
  2. We follow a 100% objective process. Potential suppliers are identified, then short-listed, and then visited in person and carefully checked.

  3. Our recommendations are 100% based on competency. Never based on “relationships”.
  4. When things go wrong, we will be there for you—we will work promptly to resolve issues and resume your normal production as soon as possible.
  5. We draw samples at random and check product quality and report issues to you immediately.
  6. We use a time tracker tool to track every hour you pay.You will get a full report with desktop screenshot.

You won’t spend a penny in vain. All we need to discuss is how much time is needed for each project.
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