For your unique business, you definitely need a unique way of shipping you products from China. We will give you result-oriented solutions for shipping and help you manage your business easily and effectively. For different kinds of businesses, there are various ways of shipping.
For different kinds of businesses, there are various ways of shipping.

Different and common ways of shipping varieties of goods are:

1.       Dropshipping
For example, you have an e-commerce shop, and you want your supplier to do the dropshipping from their factory. Through our shipping service at ChickSource, your client gets each of their orders from the factory. This type of shipping will save the cost of inventory and you do not even have to see the products.

2.       Fast delivery
If you have valuable goods and you need fast delivery, fast delivery helps you in delivering the goods as quick as possible. The price for fast delivery can be sometimes cheaper than standard FedEx and DHL services. This is definitely a bargain shipping arrangement in terms of price and delivery time.

3.       Small parcels
You need your shipping cost to be very low and you can compromise on the delivery date. Then you can make several choices on different kinds of small parcels. And this kind of service is much faster than before. To the main countries, it will take 8 to 15 days. However, it is much cheaper.

4.       You have special goods
Assuming you have some batteries to send. Normally, the shipping company cannot handle it effectively. We will give you instructions on how to make it work.

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