About Us

Founded by Shenzhen-based Jesse Yang, ChickSource is an online platform created to provide one-stop sourcing solutions to small businesses. With close connection with our sister company GO4 Limited. (HK) which has offices in 18 countries worldwide, we are dedicated to giving you the perfect sourcing solution you have always dreamed of.


With over 10 years experience in foreign trade and international sourcing in Shenzhen, Jesse has the experience, versatility, and professionalism you need to enjoy the best sourcing services. Jesse has visited over 500 factories in China and has a better understanding of Chinese factories than most buyers. Based on his understanding of the city of Shenzhen, he made a video on YouTube called “Shenzhen City of Dreams” to teach people about the city and how to source for different products here.


Having dedicated our time, efforts and resources to sourcing for the best products in China, we are always serious about the service and information we provide. Working together with your team, we provide you complete and accurate information on every aspect of your sourcing processes. We talk with every supplier on your behalf and confirm every detail. For each supplier, we will do a factory audit on paper before we visit them.


At ChickSource, all hands will be deck while we are sourcing for different products for you. We will never relent in our efforts until we are sure you are satisfied with our services.